Nottingham Renewables as part of PRO-LEC Electrical provide renewable technology to homes and businesses across the East Midlands

we specialise in the following

  • Solar installation
  • Solar Repairs and maintenance
  • Annual Service and cleaning of panels
  • Domestic Electric car Chargers
  • Commercial Car Chargers
  • Batter Storage
  • Energy Usage monitoring
  • Power factor correction and voltage optimisation
  • LED lighting Upgrades
  • Electrical Energy usage Surveys

while the cost of living is getting more expensive for homes a businesses across the country we can help by assisting with new technologies to help monitor maintaining and reduce your usage across your homes an businesses, we offer integrated packages including solar, batter storage and car chargers that intelligently let you make the most of you energy production to reduce what you are consuming.

we also Have selected partners that offer Air Source Heat Pumps, and insulation and warm home advice, we can aid the the design, repair, maintenance of any system, so why not give us a call and get in touch and we can help you with any questions you may have.