as we are closing in on the later nights and the warmer nights i am pleased to offer you a reduced service on fitting external water proof sockets ideal for lawn mowers lazy spas and speakers.

we are offering 1 double socket fitted back to back from a socket for the low cost of £75 pound including materials and certification.

to offer this we have purchased our stock in bulk and can offer this reduce price just in time for the summer months get summer ready and get yours installed today,

terms and conditions

this offer is for 1 socket fitted back to back with another socket,

if this this is wanted in another location away from socket additional costs may apply,

before any works commences a pre start inspection will be carried out to make sure the circuit is safe and electrically sound

if any of this is applicable options will be discussed on the day and re booked in on another day if extra work is required

any queries please do get in touch

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