Your fuse board, or to give it the proper name your Consumer Unit, Is the electrical hub of your home. It distributes electricity to your lights, plug sockets, oven etc if working correctly It should protect your cables from overload. This gives you and your family protection from serious shock or electrical fire. However, most people never give it a second thought. I often hear people say ‘It worked fine, so we just left it alone’ or in some cases the home owner doesn’t even know where it is. It is important to maintain your electrical installation and a functioning and safe fuse board goes a long way to doing this. You can book a free visual inspection of your fuse board with pro-lec electrical Nottingham.

How do you know if you need a fuse board upgrade?

– Age– If your fuse board has not been changed in twenty years then it is likely not compliant with current standards and may not provide you with basic protection. Technology and safety associated with consumer units has also moved on massively in the last thirty years from both the perspective of shock and fire protection and also the ease of use for the homeowner.

– Does your consumer unit have an RCD or Residual Current Device? (switches that trip a circuit under dangerous conditions) Most modern consumer units should have and this single device massively increases the safety of your home electrics.

– Live parts exposed– Are the working parts, fuses, or circuit breakers enclosed or are parts of the board exposed? It’s surprising how many fuse boards we come across with fuse holders or blanking plates missing leave live parts exposed to touch.

– Fire Risk. As mentioned above, is your fuse board constructed of wood or plastic? If it is then it may not meet fire regulations.

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